Top Baby Stroller Accessories

Baby StrollerDo strollers really need 5 cup holders, organizer, sun cover and a rain cover? The truth is, stroller accessories are not an absolute necessity but depending on your lifestyle and your location, they can be very helpful to both the little one and the parent. The following are top double jogging stroller accessories that will help make your strolling experience better.

Mommy hook stroller hanger

No matter how big the stroller basket is, it is never enough especially after visiting the mall. The mommy hook stroller hanger handle creates a sturdy spot where you can hang your shopping bags or purse among many other items.

Walk along stroller handle

When juggling with more than one kid at once, the walk along handle helps to lighten the load. Attach it to the stroller so that the older sibling can hold on it and walk close to you as you push the stroller across the streets. It makes navigating the streets less stressful. This colorful handles is also fun to hold for the kid and it is easy to wipe after being used by sticky hands.

Zoli Reflect-oid keychain

For additional safety when strolling in the night, clip a Zoli Reflect-oid keychain to the stroller. It reflects light which alerts drivers of your presence.

Babyletto Galaxy Stroller Blanket

Instead of using a regular blanket that may fall off and get trampled over by the stroller wheels, Babyletto Galaxy Stroller Blanket is warm and has ties to secure it to the stroller frame.

Smartphone Holder

A smartphone holder comes in handy when you want to catch up on your email, pinterest or texting as you stroll.


Every child loves entertainment even when on the go. Attaching toys that rattle, crinkle and squeak to the stroller frame is ideal for keeping the baby entertained. Toys also helps in the development of the baby’s fundamental learning skills. Choose toys with vibrant colors, different patterns and textures and watch your baby’s senses get stimulated.

· Head and Body Support Pillow

Your baby needs support of a cushiony, soft support for their body and head hence the need for special head and body stroller pillow.

· Lil’ Sidekick

More often are the times when the bay tosses his toy, pacifier or snack cup out of the stroller. You can prevent losing these irreplaceable loveys and keep all the precious items close using Lil’ Sidekick. It is a rubber strap that is phthalate and BPA free. It is also safe for teething babies.